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Do your students quickly find a job by the end of their studies ?

Within the 6 months after their graduation, 64% are in a position or still studying and 36% are looking for a job.
In the year following the graduation, 81% are working or studying.
30% of our graduated students are having a career abroad, in 10 different destinations. Among them, 13,8% work in China.

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How to join in the school as an exchange student?

Only students from our partner schools are allowed to apply for an exchange program.

Undergraduate level: International Class
Students must have completed at least two years of studies in either product, spatial, graphic or visual communication design to join the International Class.
Exchange students can enroll in the International Class and choose one of the following programs, depending on their profile : Brand Design, Digital Media Design, Industrial Products and Retail & lnterior Design.
for students with a background in spatial design, interior design or scenography

Exchange students enrolled in one of the four programs follow compulsory courses and have to choose elective courses to obtain 30 ECTS.

Postgraduate level: Master in Design (MDes) programs

Exchange students may enroll in one of our Master in Design (MDes) programs and join the second semester (February to June) of the 1st year of postgraduate studies.To join our MDes programs as an exchange student, candidates must have completed a bachelor (three or four years) in either product design, space design, graphic design or interaction design. Only students from our partner schools are allowed to apply for an exchange program.

The following MDes programs are open to exchange students :
MDes Care / Social Design
MDes Media Design / Information Design
MDes New Eating Habits / Food Design & Brand
MDes Sustainabe Cities / Environmental Design

For more information, please contact our International Coordinator Zoe Lacey at z.lacey@lecoledededesign.com

I am a foreign student, can I join in a vocational training program?

It is possible for foreign students to join in one of our vocational programs. However, it is an extremely difficult procedure.
Indeed, it is very difficult to find a company and to sign a vocational contract for a foreign student. Moreover, the signature of such a contract requires a work permit, which implies a change in the status of the student. The request for a work authorization has to be done at the Direction Départementale du Travail. Unfortunately, the educationnal programs in design are not a priority.
It is then absolutely unsure that a foreign student will be able to get this authorization in order to join in a vocational program.


I have completed 3 to 4 years of undergraduate studies in design, but never obtained my degree: am I still qualified to apply to the MDes?

YES. We require a minimum of 3 years in undergraduate studies in design, equating to a minimum of 180 ECTS (European Credits), not necessarily a degree.

I’m having technical problems while trying to apply: who should I contact?

Our IT department: help@lecolededesign.com


What documents do I need to provide when applying?

While registering online, you will need to upload the following documents:

  • Cover letter (letter on intent);
  • Résumé (CV);
  • Copies of your degress and certificates;
  • Copies of your transcripts showing the courses followed, your grades, and credits accumulated;
  • An official document stating your English proficiency (700 points at the TOEIC test or equivalent);
  • A portfolio in English or French.

What is the price of the courses?

Tuition fees 2019

BDes International class: € 7,700 per year / € 3,900 for one semester
MDes: € 7,700 per year

Exchange students coming for 1 semester to the International Class continue to pay their tuition to their home school.

When do the school’s internships take place?

Will I receive a degree after the International Class?

NO, we do not deliver a Bachelor’s level degree. You will, however, receive a certificate stating that you have completed the course, with the number of transferable credits (ECTS).

Do all my documents need to be in English or in French?

YES, all the documents must be written or translated in EITHER French OR English

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