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What is expected in the portfolio ?

The selection of applicants in MDes programs is done by a jury of professors, and consists in a written application.

The admission being only based on the application file (there is no interview), the portfolio is the applicant main asset to support his application.

It must ideally contain complex design projects including specifications, context analysis, problematic, hypothesis and proposals.

The quality of a portfolio is judged by the following criteria :
Design project management: through one or ideally more complete projects, your portfolio should show your ability to manage a complex design project. Each project should include all the different steps via pictures and explanatory texts, from the conception of the subject all the way to the production (steps can include for example: assessment of the context, field research, exploration of different solutions, creation process, etc.). If you include a project done in a group, please indicate your precise role;
Technical skills: your portfolio should demonstrate your command of various technical skills linked to your particular field (eg, graphic design, industrial design, interior architecture, interaction design…). Via projects, drawings, photos, pictures, etc., This is your opportunity to prove that you have the required skills, for example in sketching, scale models, prototypes, 2D/3D computer graphics, drawing;
Creativity: your creative talents will be revealed through the projects and subjects cited above, but you also have the opportunity, if you wish so, to add an extra creative element that does not necessarily have to do with your core field of studies (we do appreciate atypical and well-rounded profiles);
Communication: the general layout and look of your portfolio will attest of your know-how as a designer and your ability to communicate in visual and written form.

Do you offer any scholarships or financial aid?

Unfortunately, the school does not offer any scholarships. According to your country of residence and your particular situation, different possibilities of financing your studies in France may be available: government grants, funding granted by international organizations and NGOs, private fellowships...

For information regarding grants and scholarships, we recommend you contact the French embassy in your country, your local CampusFrance agency, or "CampusBourse", the CampusFrance grant search engine: see the CampusFrance website for more information.

How do I apply?

All applications must be done online, via our website
For exchange students (eg, Erasmus), see the pages dedicated to foreign exchanges.

I am currently in my last year of Bachelor’s studies: can I apply to the master’s programs before I actually receive my degree?

YES. Your registration in our school will become official once you finish your undergraduate studies or obtain your BA.

I have a high school diploma (A-levels) or am graduating from high school this year; can I apply?

If you speak French (B2 level requested at the DELF test), you can apply to our Foundation Studies, the first year of the 5-year program that leads to the MDes (all the courses in the first 3 years are in French).
If your level of French is not efficient enough you can apply to our Arts, Design & Media: preparatory program, to then pursue in first year of undergraduate studies (minimum B1 level requested at the DELF test to apply for the preparatory program)

I have a question concerning exchange programs (eg, Erasmus): who should I contact?

Our international relations office:


If I study in the International Class, can I continue my studies at the master’s level?

YES, a successful completion of the International Class (with passing grades) allows you to continue your studies at L’École de design in one of our MDes programs (choose a master program depending on your profile).

Is the admission process different for foreign students ?

Foreign student who did not complete their high school diploma in a French high school have to apply on our website online.
The admission process to apply in 1st year of undergraduate studies is different for international students enrolled in a French high school. They have to apply on Parcoursup (French-state application website for the post-high school programs)
Please note that the interview can be done via videoconference for foreign students residing abroad.
All the administrative documents, the portfolio and the personal creation must be completed online.

I’m interested in applying and have some specific questions: whom should I contact?

Our student recruitment office:

Alternatively, you can Skype us at or call us (+33) 251 135 070.

Do your students quickly find a job by the end of their studies ?

Find all the answers in the item "Key figures"


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