The prospective study

Twister project for La Confédération des Buralistes

The prospective study is a long format collaborative project in which students of different levels and profiles work together to develop innovative design proposals.

Objectives for the company

Developing concepts using a specific problem provided by the partner as a starting point to explore the potential for innovation.

Teaching benefits

Students develop their capacity for project management, analysis of a complex project and conceptualization. They consolidate their experience in communication.


2 possibilities:

o The long project
During study semesters, students work on a long project lasting between 10 and 12 weeks. The project is a specific problem provided by a partner and students have to develop a concept in pairs.
The project takes place in 3 phases with a progress presentation for the partners at the end of each phase.

o The short project:
During study semesters, students have to work on a short 1-week project. The subject is proposed by the partner and the students have to put forward innovative proposals, ideas and concepts in groups of 2 or 3.
The project takes place over a whole week.

Human resources

18 3rd year Bachelor’s students or 10 1st year MDes’ students,
1 professional designer,
1 technical expert,
1 specialist in humanities.


For eligible projects projects Crédit Impôt Recherche (Research tax credit) and Crédit Impôt Innovation (Innovation tax credit), we benefit from a certification (by decree of 8 April 2013) granted by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research.


Projects and apprenticeship tax manager
Business relations coordinator