The prospective study

How does a prospective study work?

A long format

The prospective study is a long format collaborative project in which students of different levels and profiles work together to develop innovative design proposals.

BOD-E project: new virtual reality gaming experiences for BigBen Interactive by Emma Morin and Camille Renard

Objectives for the partner

Developing visions in the form of concepts using a specific problem provided by the partner as a starting point to explore the potential for innovation.

Teaching benefits

Students develop their capacity for project management, analysis of a complex project and conceptualization. They consolidate their experience in the field of communication.

A visual identity and signposting project for Les jardins de l’Erdre (a nursing home) by Juliette D’Arche and Simon Le Roux


The project takes place in 3 phases:
- an innovation watch/analysis/observation phase
- a creativity phase
- a development phase


Bachelor’s: from October to February and from March to June
- Master’s: from March to June

Enhanced Collective Catering Project for the JES Group by Maroussia Leroy and Léo Léger

Human resources

18 3rd year Bachelor’s students (Bdes)
Or 10 first-year Master’s students (Mdes)
1 professional designer
1 specialist in humanities
1 technical expert


For your projects that are eligible for research and innovation tax credits, we benefit from a certification (by decree of 8 April 2013) granted by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research.


Regardless of the type of collaboration, L’École de design draws up a partnership agreement defining:
- human resources
- planning
- confidentiality
- protection of industrial property
- transfer of rights
- financial compensation.


Projects and apprenticeship tax manager
Business relations coordinator

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