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Proposing an educational project

Projects with partners from all sectors: tertiary, industrial, retail, etc

Working with a design school to innovate, stand out from the crowd and predict the uses and markets of the future!

The founding principle of L’École de design Nantes Atlantique is based on the professionalizing dimension of the teaching programs. This is reflected in the creation of 80 projects each year in partnership with companies, associations or local authorities.

The aim of these projects, led by our students, is to open up the sphere of possibilities, provide a vision of future innovations and stimulate the imaginations and thought processes of the partner organization’s collaborators, users and clients.

Forms of partnership for interacting with future design professionals

The different forms of cooperation offered by L’École de design as part of its pedagogical activities provide a wide variety of approaches to complex issues.

There are 3 forms of partnership:
- The lab workshop
- The prospective study
- The creative sprint

Each option offers a different working relationship with the students and professional teaching staff that is suited to the partner’s needs. Our partnerships are based on our expertise in the different design professions included in the BDes Bachelor’s programs (interior design, scenography, graphic design, motion design, industrial design, transport design, interaction design, game design) but also on the innovation activities initiated by the MDes Master’s programs in the Design Labs (Care Design, City Design, Food Design and Digital Design).

Partnership with the city of Dompierre-sur Yon (Vendée) to revitalize and upgrade the city center

For each project an agreement is signed defining:

- Human resources
- Planning
- Confidentiality
- Intellectual property
- Transfer of rights
- Financial compensation.


For your projects that are eligible for research and innovation tax credits, we benefit from a certification (by decree of 8 April 2013) granted by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research.


Projects and apprenticeship tax manager
Florence BERNAT
Business relations coordinator

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