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Panzani Workshop with the New Eating Habits Design Lab

Working with a design school for a better understanding of the future

Successive changes in our society mean that companies constantly have to evolve, to accompany change rather than passively endure it and, if possible, to anticipate changes in order to be better prepared for them.
These situations should be seen as tremendous opportunities to begin the search for new values and thus come up with market-adapted innovations.

As a user-oriented discipline, open to new uses and technological innovations and attentive to social phenomena, design is the ideal discipline to support any organization in a process of change thanks to its intrinsic characteristics: creativity, vision, scenario analysis, mediation and project-based organization.

With over 20 years of experience in product design, spatial design, graphic design or interaction design, L’École de design has developed project methodologies tested to deal with complex socio-economic issues specific to companies and institutions.
The Business Strategy team has become expert in listening to and diagnosing business needs and choosing the best methodological approach to work with organizations, companies and institutions in a changing and uncertain world. It can offer the most appropriate package for the organization’s expectations: educational projects or consulting assignments.

Forms of partnerships for working with future design professionals

The different forms of cooperation and partnership offered by L’École de design as part of its pedagogical activities provide a wide variety of approaches to complex issues. Workshops, long projects, short projects: each option offers a different working relationship with the future design professionals and teaching staff that is suited to the partner’s needs.

Our partnerships are based on our expertise in the different design professions included in the Bachelor’s programs (interior design, scenography, graphic design, interaction design, industrial design) but also on the innovation activities offered by the Master’s programs in the Design Labs (Care, New Eating Habits, READi (Applied Experimental Research in Interaction Design), Sustainable Cities).

For each project, a partnership agreement is established between the partner and the School specifying the terms and conditions of intellectual property, transfer of rights and confidentiality.

Partnership between the local company La Salade Nantaise and the New Eating Habits Design Lab

Our partners

Sigma Informatique, Système U, Normall, Leroy Merlin Source, Gémo, EP, Airbus, Crédit Mutuel Arkéa, Tipiak, Fleury Michon, SNCF, Jacquet Brossard.....


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