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Emmanuel ALOUCHE

Interior Designer, Designer and Innovation Manager.

Career path
Emmanuel trained and worked mainly abroad, in the UK and the USA.
He worked for important design agencies and then decided to launch his own company in London in the early 2000s.
Since he came back to France, Emmanuel has been pursuing his job as a Design Consultant and Innovation Strategist. As a Mentor and Trainer for 4 years at L’École de design, he has been very active in participating at the educational curriculum.

Areas of expertise
Creativity, Programming and Designing Space, Innovation Engineering / Methodology, Change Management, Business Model Canvas.

Degree in Environment Design at the Parsons School of Design (New York)
Higher Education in Penninghen, the School of Art Direction and Interior Architecture (Paris)
High School in Sèvre (France), specialised in Ceramic Art.

He is taking part in 2 trainings by L’École de design : Design Thinking and Service Design.


Product Designer – Coach and facilitator in creativity and project management

Career path
After a first experience creating fashion accessories in France and Asia, Gaëlle spent 10 years working as an in-house Designer for the Dorel group (Bébé Confort, MaxiCosi, BabyArt, etc.) in Cholet and Eindhoven where she played a key role developing brands and the product portfolio, striving to promote a design culture in the various departments of the company.
Today, Gaëlle is a consultant in Design Thinking and project management. She runs creativity sessions for local authorities and companies to help them think up new innovative products and services, trains students in Nantes, Angers and Cholet, and continues to develop industrial design projects. Inquisitive and versatile, she has just learned how to code and is working on UX projects to have a more global and up-to-date vision of the design professions.

Areas of expertise
Development of technical and industrial products.
Development of websites and applications.
Assistance in setting up innovation projects.
Organization of creativity sessions.

Web Design – Level III Diploma - 2018
Master’s in Product Design - L’École de design Nantes Atlantique - 2008
HND in Product Design - Les Herbiers - 2006

Teaches courses on Design Thinking and Use Innovation


Freelance Designer

Career path
After working at Strategic Design Scenarios (SDS) in Brussels, Paul JUIN joined The as an experience designer focused on uses. As well as his activity as Freelance, designer, Paul works in the use laboratory of the Care Design Lab at L’École de design Nantes Atlantique.

Areas of expertise
Paul works as a freelance Designer specialized in social and environmental innovations, related to the search for new uses. Obsessed with finding the best definition of tomorrow’s uses, he experiments with new use paths connecting health, environment, infrastructures and technology in a systemic way that offers the user a unique experience.
By analyzing needs, he explores ways of creating tools, services and projects destined for users with a single goal in mind: they must be sustainable.

Master’s degree in design from L’École de design Nantes Atlantique

Teaches courses on Service Design
Watch the Service Design course presentation video (in French)


Designer and professional Coach

Career path
In 2013, Master’s degree in Design and Business Administration and Management, IAE Université de Nantes In 2018, Master’s in “Professional coaching and change management” at UCO Angers.

Areas of expertise
After 5 years as a self-employed Designer accompanying various SMEs in their innovation projects, Marion decided to team up with another designer to boost her profile and co-founded Make It Brain, a design and innovation agency. Marion offers advice and support for SMEs and middle-market companies in search of meaning in their practice, and helps them take a fresh look at their business and project strategy. Thanks to a tailor-made approach combining design thinking and coaching, she frees up organizations from their daily ways of thinking to help them give a new direction to their actions and power their projects. Marion also teaches in various schools in the West of France and makes companies and local authorities more aware of design in general, and design thinking in particular, in action learning sessions.

Teaches courses on Service Design
Watch the Service Design course presentation video (in French)


Designer and Researcher in anthropology.

Career path
Former Head of a Design Lab, Benoît is a Designer and a Researcher specialised in anthropology.
He managed the postgraduate program “New Eating Habits Design Lab” at L’École de design for 6 years.
He is working as a Researcher for The School of Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences (EHESS) on a prospective study called “Human in project”, dealing with the expansion of Design Thinking and Co-Design.
He is also a member of the Board of Directors of AFD, one of the leading Design Trade Association in France.

Areas of expertise
Futurology, Service Design, Product Design, Food Design, Graphic and Visual Communication, Museology, Museography.

Degree in Design at ENSCI (French National School for Advanced Studies in Design).

He is taking part in the Service Design training by L’École de Design.

Yannick PRIMEL

Ethnologist. Use-led innovation.

Career path
Consultant and UX Leader on engineering and organizational projects since 2001.
Lecturer at L’École de design Nantes Atlantique and l’Université Paris VIII

Areas of expertise
Direct observation, design support, prospecting.
Management and organization consultancy.

Master’s in Organization Consultancy
Master’s in ethnology (specialization in work culture)
Ethnology degree

Teaches courses on “User research basics/ How to better observe your users”
Watch the presentation video for the “how to better observe your users” course


Consultant in creativity and innovation techniques for organizations.

Career path
Consultant, Trainer and Facilitator in creative methods of innovation and service design for companies and institutions, Emmanuel Raillard has been teaching courses at L’École de design Nantes Atlantique for several years already on Design Thinking and Design.

Areas of expertise
Creativity, service design, innovation.

AMP ESSEC (media) – Master’s in Management Science option Strategy/Marketing (IAE de Poitiers / ESCE) – MBA from CIECE option Strategy and Marketing - MA University of the Arts London (London College of Communication) /Ensci - Les - Ateliers.
Certificate of Training in Creativity and Innovation Université Paris Descartes (Paris V) / Créa Université.
Trainers’ certificate in Creativity and Innovation methods, Centre Iris Pour la Créativité

Teaches courses on Design Thinking and Use Innovation.

François RUAUD

Design Manager

Career path
Freelance Consultant in innovation and service design (2016-2018)
Project Manager, Augmented Business Cards, Nantes (2015-2016)
Lead Designer and manager, Pavé d’Art agency, Nantes (2014-2015)
Lead Designer in service design for the innovation department of La Poste group, Paris (2012-2014)
Quality Assistant at MGI Coutier, Timisoara, Romania (2009)

Master’s degree in design (Innovation Management) in 2014 from L’École de design Nantes Atlantique. 2-year technical diploma from l’IUT de Nantes in Quality, Industrial Logistics and Organization in 2009.

Areas of expertise
Co-designing responsible and sustainable projects. Researching new concepts incorporating the problems of contemporary society with a designer’s methods and tools, helping organizations and employees make their ideas reality using the design approach. Running and facilitating design thinking workshops, co-managing innovation projects.

Teaches courses on Design Thinking and Use Innovation.