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Incorporating design into your company culture to innovate sustainably

Jean-Luc Barassard, director of the Business Strategy department at L’École de design, defines innovation as follows: “It should be a vision of the very best that an organization could offer its clients or users, even before technological performance. It’s a methodology which puts the user back at the heart of the process by outlining scenarios that skillfully combine the clients’ underlying desires, the economic viability of the offer and the technological feasibility of the products and services”.

This approach is at the heart of Design Thinking made popular by the American agency IDEO. It has since been applied by major companies such as Apple which, when it launched the iPhone, managed to identify the innovation potential of the new uses of smartphones when all the technologies implemented were available to all its competitors. The company achieved this by changing its way of working, building use scenarios, thinking about customer experience and the services it could offer in different use contexts…

As a result, the company produced a new vision which gave rise to new solutions. And they met their objectives!

The double diamond: Design Thinking methodology

Design – a strategic discipline to accompany this transition

Innovating through design means first offering a team a new approach to problem-solving, to help them think and act differently. All the organizations who have managed to innovate disruptively have created a new company culture in order to:

  • Work more collaboratively and erase the notion of working in silos,
  • Implement more flexible and iterative working methods so that the best development paths are chosen more quickly,
  • Encourage the expression of their team’s creativity to help circulate fresh ideas,
  • Co-construct with their clients to gain a better understanding of the expected value creation,
  • Create a vision of their future activity to pool company resources.

This new company culture requires new working methods and new experiments which raise questions about certainties.
The aim: to extend the realm of possibilities and encourage the development of soft skills (creativity, collective intelligence, the ability to construct imaginaries and listening skills).

Exemple of service design

A continuing education program for design-led innovation

L’École de design Nantes Atlantique is here to help you create this flexible and creative company culture. Our user-centered training modules stimulate participants’ creative vision and provide the tools for understanding and imagining the user experience. An essential step towards a new form of innovation inspired by design…

Our Design Thinking modules (available on an intra-company or inter-company basis):

All our Design Thinking training programs are run by professional designers.

Design Thinking by L’École de design: company testimonials

In 2011, all the teams at LIPPI were trained in design by the school: operators, design office, sales reps, etc. Each participant also had the chance to follow additional modules (perceived quality, roughs, etc.) As a result, everyone now speaks the same language and is consequently involved in the strategic planning of the company.”
Julien Lippi, Managing Director of LIPPI

What better than working with your biggest clients in a design workshop? That’s what we did during these workshops. This type of work gave us a better understanding of markets and our clients’ concerns and needs.
Jérôme Fouquet, Managing Director of Jefo Europe

The training (…) uses concrete words and tools to describe intuitions. The work, first theoretical then practical, is perfect for calmly assimilating the logic of service design and envisaging a real micro project. More than a revolution, it’s a practical, inventive and stimulating tool on offer here. Creativity used for the benefit of users and, in my case, the public service.”
Frédéric Maupin, Deputy Managing Director of General resources of the City of Taverny

The training helped to blur the boundaries between the different IT professions. It was an opportunity for the group to question and challenge our methods of designing our projects, as well as encouraging us to move towards more breakthrough innovations.
Benjamin Lecardeux, Head of Urban Planning, Innovation and Expertise division at SNCF DSI Voyageurs


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