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Continuing education catalogue

A continuing education program for design-led innovation

L’École de design Nantes Atlantique is here to help you create a flexible and creative company culture. Our user-centered training modules stimulate participants’ creative vision and provide the tools for understanding and imagining the user experience. An essential step towards a new form of innovation inspired by design…

Our short training modules (1 to 5 days) can be customized, on an intra-company or inter-company basis.

All our Design Thinking training programs are run by professional designers or professionals who are experts in their field.

Running creativity / Design Thinking

How can you learn to organize creativity workshops?
How can you create new ways of approaching your projects?
How can you create group cohesion around an innovation process?

2-day training program to learn how to manage creativity in project teams


Service Design / Design Thinking

How can you offer your users a better-quality user experience?
How can you add value to the services you offer?

2-day training program to get to grips with the user-centered creative process intended to improve the user experience in market or public services.


Use Innovation / Design Thinking

How to create value in products and services?
How to rediscover your clients’ fundamental expectations?
How to change your approach to innovation to help you stand out from your competitors?

5 days of action learning (on an intra-company basis with a personalized theme, 4 days on an inter-company basis with a theme suggested by the school) to learn about the Design Thinking process and come up with solutions that are more innovative or that break with the existing offer.


User research basics

How can we understand the real needs of users, their uses and their environment?
How can you collect information from your users to tackle your projects differently and improve your products and services?

One-day training program to analyze your users’ needs, build a user path, a persona, an empathy map, etc.


Prototyping your ideas

How can you communicate your service concepts more effectively?
How can you use the techniques of a designer to prototype your ideas and sell them to others?

2 days of training to learn how to build quick and easy prototypes to give substance to your ideas and test their reliability.


Using graphic facilitation

How can you capture information about your events in a visual manner?
How can you incorporate graphic facilitation into your daily activity?

2 days of training to learn how to facilitate interactions between your project participants using visual illustrations.



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