Signature of the Banque Populaire Atlantique/LIPPI Chair on Connected Environments

Our Design Labs have the task of conducting research programs on design-related themes. This involves a set of initiatives for creating knowledge around a given problem or research question. The program aims to establish design as a key development factor, incorporating societal and technological changes in the chosen field. It aims to model a process which can be developed and diversified.

This research provides the opportunity to mobilize design-specific practices and tools and design new ones, collaborate with complementary disciplines and support projects put forward by the partner.

The research can have two operating frameworks to address different business needs:

1- The research contract

This involves a process of research on behalf of a partner with a confidentiality agreement regarding the results and knowledge gained.
Theme: this is defined by its strategic use to the company.
Financing: tax exemption is possible through fiscal written ruling.
Partners: the number of partners varies from one to two founders.
Duration: 3 years
Confidentiality: to be defined with the partners.
Intellectual property: the results and knowledge are to be defined with the partners.
Communication: this is defined by mutual agreement of the partners.

2- The research chair

This involves an approach to a research question proposed by a Design Lab and the association of founders in which the results and knowledge gained are made public.
Theme: this is defined by its public interest.
Financing: tax exemption is possible through a 60% endowment fund.
Partners: the number of partners varies from one to three founders.
Duration: 3 years
Intellectual property: it belongs to the members of the chair.
Publication of results: there is an obligation to publish the results (through conferences, articles in journals, digital distribution, etc.)

Human resources

Experts from the Design Labs (designers, engineers, researchers, etc.).


To be defined with the partner.


For eligible projects Crédit Impôt Recherche and Crédit Impôt Innovation, we benefit from a certification (by decree of 8 April 2013) granted by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research.


Projects and apprenticeship tax manager
Business relations coordinator