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The internship options for the school’s MDes (Master’s in Design) curriculum and the DNMADE

The internships, the essential formulae to ally practice and theory


3rd-year of undergraduate studies internship

During the 3rd year of studies, students are expected to pursue an internship to validate their year. The internship length is 8 weeks. The interns’ educational follow-up and evaluation process are the chance to reflect on the experience and what they took away from it.

Role of interns and learning goals
Interns provide assistance either to an individual or a team of designers. They are overseen by an Internship Supervisor who also happens to hold the role of designer or creative specialist.

Interns are expected to apply their know-how in creative projects. Depending upon their future career plans, four creative sectors are available to them:

  • Interior Architecture
  • Scenography
  • Graphic Design
  • Motion Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • Game Experience Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Transport Design

1st-year of postgraduate studies internship

Internship abroad

During their 4th year of studies, students have the option of a semester abroad or an internship in a foreign company or agency. The period must be a minimum of 13 weeks. Internships abroad are the opportunity for students to experience first-hand cultural differences in terms of methodologies and project management.

Role of interns and learning goals

Interns are considered Junior Designers. They are to take part in all steps factoring into one or more projects. Students’ activities can range from Product Design – Interaction Design – Spatial Design – Graphic Design. Their role spans myriad aspects, from devising specifications to carrying out the technical nature and plans of the project.

2nd-year of postgraduate studies internship

Workforce Preparation internship

During their final year of studies, students have two tasks to complete before earning their degree: a Workforce Preparation internship and a long Final Year project. The interns’ educational follow-up and evaluation process will highlight their professional competencies and project manager strengths.

Role of interns and learning goals

Interns are considered Junior Designers. They are responsible for a project, and are overseen by the Internship Supervisor. They are expected to demonstrate their ability to manage all phases of a design project.

They tackle the design project from the beginning stages, including specifications, all the way through to technical design for the purposes of industrial feasibility. They examine the difficulty, lay out the steps involved, and estimate the means and resources necessary. They keep concerned parties in the know on the project’s course, and manage every step along the way.


  • DN MADE Space / Domestic architecture and commercial development
  • DN MADE Object / Industrial product design
  • DN MADE Digital / Interface design and digital media
  • DN MADE Circular Fashion Design / Innovation and Design

At the end of the first year of DN MADE, students have to complete an internship with a view to obtaining an apprenticeship contract for the two subsequent years of DN MADE. The length of the internship is 4 weeks (depending on the timetable) from mid-April to mid-May.
This internship provides students with general information about the various vocational fields that make up Space, Object and Digital design, as well as the chance to be part of a professional environment.

Intern’s role and educational aims
The course content combined with the realities experienced by students in the workplace help them get to grips with their future career and start to build a network of useful contacts. The students go from observation to active participation, thus using the skills acquired in the course of their studies in the professional sphere.

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Find the answers to your questions on the recruitment of a trainee on our FAQ, section Internships.





Sarah DEMERY & Maria-Regis Constant

Student placement Coordinators