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Dealing with disability

Page updated on 24 January 2022

If you have a disability, L’École de design Nantes Atlantique:

- Makes sure your needs are met upon arrival and whilst in the establishment, whether you are a student, apprentice, in continuing education or VAE (a system validating professional experience)
- Provides you with useful information and contacts.

The legal framework:

The law of 11 February 2005 on equal rights and equal opportunities and the inclusion and citizenship of persons with disabilities:

- principle of accessibility
- right to compensation
- access to common law
- obligation of employment reaffirmed and strengthened


The disability coordinator

Our establishment has a designated disability coordinator.

The disability coordinator is responsible for supporting all disabled persons in their efforts and ensures that they can access training in the best possible conditions, by taking into account their individual disability.

They are the dedicated contact person for:

- People with disabilities
- The school’s teaching staff, the CFA (Vocational Training Center) and companies (apprenticeship tutors, human resource departments, etc.)
- The continuing education team and VAE team (system validating professional experience)
- Professionals from support services such as MDPH (local regional authority for the disabled), AGEFIPH, etc.

Disability coordinator:

02 51 13 89 59


Special facilities and arrangements adapted to your specific needs in the context of your training program can be provided depending on your situation:

- technical support,
- personal assistance and/or adapted programs.

It is important to contact the disability coordinator as soon as possible in order to plan the implementation of any facilities needed.

Special cases of people with disabilities: employee – CFA (Vocational Training Center) and people benefitting from RQTH (Recognition of Disabled Worker Status)

AGEFIPH (a French agency for employment of workers with Disabilities, private sector) and FIPHFP (Fund for the Integration of disabled people into the Civil Service) continue their support in terms of:

- disability compensation (equipment, personal assistance, etc.)
- apprentice employer bonus.