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Key dates

30 years of experience in teaching design

More than 2,500 former graduates, 1,465 students and apprentices at the start of the 2018 academic year, 290 teachers, 90 permanent staff, 4 branches in Pune, Shanghai, Montreal and São Paulo... The school has grown considerably since 1988, gaining recognition and visibility in France and abroad, and embracing the full diversity of design professions.

L'École de design Nantes Atlantique - 25 ans from lecolededesign on Vimeo.

25 ans d'histoire, 25 ans à venir… Jocelyne Le Boeuf, directrice des études et historienne du design, raconte l'aventure de l'école depuis son origine ; Christian Guellerin évoque la stratégie de développement et l'avenir de l'école. Film réalisé à l'occasion de la cérémonie d'anniversaire qui s'est déroulée au Théâtre de la Fleuriaye à Carquefou le jeudi 5 décembre 2013.

Réalisation : Doze Productions (Nantes)

A few key dates:


• 4-year training program in industrial design


• Diploma modified from 4 to 5 years
• Accreditation of Level II diploma


• Inauguration of the Chantrerie campus


• Multimedia continuing education program
• Member of the Cumulus association


• 2-year hypermedia training program


• BTS (Advanced 2-year diploma) Industrial Creation Assistant apprenticeship program
• 5-year hypermedia design option
• Opening of the International Class
• Recognition by the French State
• Certification of the diploma by the French Ministry of Higher Education


• The school becomes a member of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (top-tier French higher education institutions)


• Double degree with IAE-IEMN at l’Université de Nantes
• BTS (2-year advanced diploma) in Space Design


• CFA (Vocational Training Center dedicated to Industrial Creation and Innovation)
• BTS (2-year advanced diploma) in wood construction/habitats


• 5-year space design option
• C. Guellerin, the school’s executive director, becomes president of the Cumulus association


• Virtual Reality double degree with Arts et Métiers ParisTech in Laval
• Opening of the China Studio in Qingdao (China)


• 5-year graphic design option
• Master’s program reorganized into themed specializations


• Opening of the India Studio in Bangalore (India)
• Creation of READi Design Lab dedicated to digital innovation
• China Studio relocates to Shanghai


• Opening of Design and Innovation Management Master’s program with apprenticeship


• Creation of the Sustainable Cities Design Lab
• Creation of the New Eating Habits Design Lab


• Design Labs move to l’Ile de Nantes


• India Studio relocates to Delhi
• Recognition by the French Council of Interior Designers (CFAI)
• Creation of the D.U. DESSiiN joint degree dedicated to connected objects with l’Université de Nantes (Polytech, IEMN-IAE) and Télécom Bretagne
• Creation of the Care Design Lab
• Opening of the Banque Populaire Atlantique/Lippi Chair on Connected Environments


• Opening of the BTS (2-year advanced diploma) in Graphic Design majoring in digital communication and media
• Creation of a bachelor’s program in Transport Design


• Opening of a MANAA (Foundation Course in Applied Arts) for the short-cycle BTS (advanced diploma)
• Extension of premises with the Digital Design Factory on the Chantrerie site


• The CFA (Vocational Training Center for industrial design and innovation) became the CFA Design and Innovation.
• Opening of the Motion Design Bachelor’s program
• Opening of the Game Design Bachelor’s program
• Creation of a Digital Media Design option in the International Class
• Opening of the Brazil Studio in São Paulo (Brazil)
• Opening of the Sino-French Design Center at the Academy of Fine Arts in Shanghai (China)
• Opening of the Design & Innovative Public Action Chair


• Opening of the Montreal Studio (Canada) in partnership with CENTECH
• Creation of the Digital Innovation & Transformation D.I.U (Inter-University Diploma) co-organized by l’Université de Nantes, Centrale Nantes and L’École de design as part of the Nantes Disrupt’Campus program


• Celebration of the school’s 30th anniversary
• Creation of the Africa Design School (ADS), the first design school in Africa, in Cotonou (Benin)
• Opening of the first DN MADE training programs (Diplôme National des Métiers d’Arts et de Design) in 3 years (equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree)
• Laying of the foundation stone of the school’s future building on Ile de Nantes in 2022
• Opening of Studio France in Nantes: Master’s degree course (MDes) in Transcultural Design with an international scope
• Creation of the Media Design Master’s course (MDes)


• Obtained the certification Bienvenue en France, issued by Campus France, for its ability to accommodate international students
• All the Master’s courses (MDes) taught in Nantes are now available as apprenticeship programs
• Creation of a new Designer Manager training program in partnership with Audencia Business School