Board of Directors

The school is a 1901 law non-profit association run by a Board of Directors that handles all strategic decisions related to management and education. The board is composed of consular elected representatives, company managers, professionals and student representatives.

The board of directors is currently composed of:

  • President: Emmanuelle Gaudemer - Associate Director AIA
  • Secretary-General: Christian Le Cornec - Managing Director of Nantes CCI
  • Treasurer: Hervé-Jacques Thibaud – Manager of SECAFI


  • Bruno Davy – Industrial Designer, Bruno Davy Design agency
  • Grégory Gonnord, Chief Executive Officer, Fleury Michon
  • Olivier Laboux, President, University of Nantes
  • Pascal Legros, Chief Executive Officer, Buronomic
  • Vincent Marcatté – Chairman of the business cluster Images & Réseaux, VP Transformation Orange Labs R&D
  • Barbara Nourry, VP Pays de la Loire regional council
  • Jérôme Nouzarède, Chief Executive Officer, Elsan
  • Elie Papiernik, Design Director and Founder, Centdegres
  • Yann Trichard, Chairman of Chamber of Commerce Nantes Saint Nazaire
  • Francky Trichet- Counsellor Nantes Métropole


  • Representative of the students
  • Representative of the staff
  • Representative of former students
  • Auditor (Alain Berthoud for KPMG)