About the school
Our Activities

Our Activities

A continuous interaction between education, research and the business world for a professional approach of design

Our main duty is to teach design teaching either via a standard curriculum (Bachelor & MDes Programs), or work-based curriculums (Vocational Training Center dedicated to Creation and industrial innovation) or via continuing education.

Our unique position in France and our involvement alongside companies also give us the opportunity to implement a design promoting policy. Therefore, our school implements various actions for and with companies and institutions such as events organization, technology monitoring, consulting...

We’ve developed a unique expertise through the setup of a design research policy and the opening of experimental Design Labs.

The school is currently comprised of:

  • 1,180 students
  • 170 Master’s Degree graduates
  • 230 vocational students
  • 94% of the 2013 graduates have exercised their profession 18 mont year after having graduated
  • 90 permanent teaching & administrative staff
  • 300 guest teachers/lecturers
  • 50 new business partnerships set up every year

Hundreds of concepts coined

  • 180 foreign exchanges or internships abroad
  • 435 internships per year
  • 50 to 60 foreign students welcomed each year
  • 35 competitions and awards received in 2014

Yearbook, two years of activities in 10 chapters

Download our yearbook: a compilation of the most significant news in 10 chapters. Bilingual edition French/English.