About the school

China Studio Office

The China Studio benefits from the facilities of the University of Shanghai, with a dedicated studio.

Students at work at the China Studio

A dedicated design studio within the University of Shanghai

L’École de design Nantes Atlantique’s benefits from the Shanghai University hospitality and has moved into the Fine Arts Building, which harbor administration offices, a air-conditioned studio classroom and a formal meeting room. Internet connection is accessible inside the building. Heating is centrally provided by the university, thus ensuring the comfort of the students during winter. The campus is extensively landscaped and has a lake, woods, statues, large buildings, and wide roads used by Chinese students on bicycles and on scooters.

The school is in walking distance of a number of affordable and pleasant shops and restaurants offering typically Chinese meals. Frequent shows and performances are shown in dedicated exhibition spaces by the different branches of Shanghai University’s Fine Arts programs, providing a dignified and inspiring atmosphere.

While workshops do exist, the program encourages outsourcing of model making. At master level, the emphasis of the work process rests with intellectual and visualization aspects much more so than with model making, and professional model making is a very affordable and realistic aspect of design practice in China.

Shanghai’s public transportation is excellent, and the university campus has its own subway station, but cheap taxis are also available. The campus is set in the northern part of Shanghai, and most students prefer to live closer to the city center, taking the subway to reach campus. Chinese accommodations are modern, and usually very well equipped with electronics and appliances.

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