Design l'expo, du 28 novembre 2014 au 25 janvier 2015.
Projets de fin d'études

Design for Creative Innovation


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Lamp functioning with a foldable photovoltaic film (Armor’s OPV technology) to be used whatever the context and adapted according to people’s needs. Orion has been exhibited at the Milan Design Week in April 2014. Étoile de l’Observeur APCI 2015.

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Qing Che

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Qing Che, synonymous with purity, gives a luxurious distinction to the ancestral Chinese alcoholic beverage called baijiu. Inside the Qing Che shop, customers can create their own customised baijiu by choosing the grain type and fermentation time, etc.

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Flow d’énergie

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Providing a renewable power source for pleasure boaters at sea

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Nadim Raad & Andrews-Junior Kimbembé, UX Designers at Google

Published 01/23/2015

During a prospective workshop in Nantes with students studying the Digital Culture master’s program, double interview with our two graduates on their Californian experience with the Mountain View giant.

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Survival exhibited at the DMA gallery in Rennes

Published 01/23/2015

Survival, a selection of product design projects developed by students while their bachelor’s degree program, is on the move to the DMA Gallery in Rennes from 15th January to 27th February.

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Kohler, a group specialising in all aspects of the bathroom trade and a China Studio partner

Published 01/12/2015

To observe, to meet with customers and scrutinise their usage in order to make it the foundation of an innovative approach.

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Vocational programs from the business point of view

Published 01/08/2015

An interview with Rodolphe Barry, Design Manager at La Poste, about overseeing apprentices at L’École de design Nantes Atlantique.

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